Tips to relieve menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps don't have to ruin your day by making you squirm. A balanced diet and regular exercise can help alleviate them. It is beneficial to know several methods to lessen the discomfort caused by menstruation.

What are menstrual cramps?

When the uterus contracts to shed its lining, menstrual cramps occur. 

How can I relieve the pain?

Stretch and exercise. Menstrual discomfort can be relieved by loosening the muscles.

Rub your lower stomach. This can help you relax the muscles and take your mind off the agony of menstruation.

Use a cream for menstrual cramps. Rest easy with a cream mixed with hemp and menthol (2800 mg) for immediate and lasting relief from the discomfort of menstrual cramps. The strength of hemp, combined with the cooling sensation of menthol, relaxes muscles while its soothing aroma promotes a sense of serenity and well-being.

Menstrual discomfort can be relieved with the use of a pain reliever. These medications can help relieve period discomfort. If you are a minor, be sure to ask your parent's permission first.

Period discomfort, as well as bloating and other PMS symptoms, can be reduced by taking vitamin B1 or magnesium supplements. If you are a minor, you should talk to your parents about this.

Heat is often beneficial; for example, take a hot bath or use a heat pack to relieve pain in the lower abdomen or back. Menstrual cramps will lessen with heat.

Still in pain?

If none of these suggestions work, it's time to consult your doctor about period discomfort and how to treat it. Make an appointment and bring your menstrual calendar, as well as a food diary for the previous few days and report any prescriptions, pharmaceuticals, vitamins or supplements you are taking.